December 2, 2020

D Y W (feat. St. Lucia) OUT NOW. Listen here:
March 12, 2019

Listen to 'Songs of Airpark' Here:
March 12, 2019

Watch the Making-of 'Songs of Airpark' via Original Fuzz:


Atlanta, GA
Park Tavern w/ Sam Burchfield & The Scoundrels
Richmond, VA
The Camel w/ Caiola & Kirby Sybert
Raleigh, NC
Pour House (Early Show) w/ Caiola & Kirby Sybert
Raleigh, NC
Pour House (Late Show) w/ Caiola & Kirby Sybert
Charlotte, NC
Lenny Boy Brewing w/ Caiola & Kirby Sybert
Charleston, SC
Tobin's Market w/ Caiola & Kirby Sybert
Greenville, SC
Radio Room w/ Caiola & Kirby Sybert
Asheville, NC
Grey Eagle Patio w/ Caiola & Kirby Sybert

Recognizing with universal understanding that time is a precious and ever-fleeting commodity, below are all the pertinent informational points about Airpark...

-Airpark is a Nashville-based duo – comprised of brothers Ben Ford and Michael Ford, Jr. – that formed in early 2017. People often think that they're twins, but they're not; however, the archetypal mystic sibling connection is very much there.

-Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley (Tennis) produced and recorded the band’s 2019 EP in Denver, CO over nine days at their studio, Mutually Detrimental.

-Said EP is entitled 'Songs of Airpark' and features five tracks mostly about confronting and overcoming conflict, but there’s definitely one tune about lust. The collection of songs was released via the brothers’ own Eugenia Hall Records.

-A discerning ear would say the new music puts an emphasis on soulful vocals, drums that groove particularly hard and the occasional nod to ‘70s pop jams. The first single ‘Devotion’ is a shining example of the above.

-Following the release of 'Songs of Airpark' the brothers would tour extensively from coast to coast supporting St.Lucia and making multiple festival appearances, most notably a debut performance at Bonnaroo as well as Nashville's beloved Live on The Green.

-In the Fall of 2019 Airpark paid homage to two of their biggest influences releasing studio covers of Leonard Cohen's 'Lover Lover Lover' & Pulp's Britpop classic 'Babies'.

-Yes. More new music arriving in 2020.

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